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thomas on Mar 2nd, 2012An Arduino Etch A Sketch, or, How to Handshake

Last week we learned how to make Processing communicate with Arduino. In that lesson, Processing wrote to the serial port and Arduino read that information to light LEDs. But what happens when there needs to be a two-way conversation? This week we will look at handshaking. Handshaking, or two-way serial communication, requires that the programs […]

thomas on Feb 23rd, 2012A conversation between Processing and Arduino

Goal: To learn how to use serial communication to send information from Processing to Arduino. Part One: Virtual light switch Using a virtual button in Processing, an LED can be turned on and off using Arduino. This is done by sending one of two ASCII characters to Arduino through the serial port when a box […]

micnit on Jan 20th, 2012Simple sensing: water sensor and making flowers beep

  We have some plants in our lab space and they are hanging pretty high up. So watering them is a pain – even checking whether they need water is a pain. And as this CoLab term is meant to pick up where Carl DiSalvo’s Arduino intro from last term ended: here is a modified […]