on Apr 13th, 2012Laying out a PCB with EAGLE


CadSoft EAGLE PCB is a pretty ok piece of software for drawing up schematics and then laying out a printed circuit board. I say “pretty ok” because its interface and UI consistency leaves a lot to be desired, particularly if you’re used to the relatively sane default behavior of software like Adobe Illustrator. This caveat aside, though, Eagle is kind of amazing: it’s free for educational use (with a limited board size) and does it all. What it lacks in immediate user friendliness it makes up for in extensibility, where any number of people can contribute board shapes for all sorts of components.

This is the real deal! To get started, download the software. Pick the software type that matches your operating system, unless you enjoy fruitless struggle:

We’re also going to need to have some libraries to be sure that we’ve got all the components we want. Sparkfun has a good library, as does lady ada. If you want to save time, though, just grab mine. It’s got all those and more (a bag of chips??):

My thought for today was that we could

  1. build a schematic for a power supply
  2. build out the schematic for an arduino
  3. add AVR programming headers
  4. make a schematic for the touch sensor from last week
  5. hook all these up
  6. lay out a pcb for a custom “Touchduino”

While we’ll probably just play around with Eagle during colab this week, Sparkfun’s tutorials for embedded electronics include some decent eagle guides. I’ll link them here for future reference.

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  1. micniton 16 Apr 2012 at 3:53 am

    sorry that I had to miss the session but will catch up with it – eventually.