Creative Director

Jillann Hertel founded LMC’s colab to share industry expertise and classroom impact with more students in a variety of ways: internships, classroom experiences, independent research/studies, staff positions and artist collaborations. Through the colab she is able to form industry ties to current students, support and connect with alumni, expand students’ portfolios via project-based assignments, create safe spaces, foster creativity, career counsel and advise, as well as support and develop initiatives. Her faculty bio can be found here.

Current Staff

Marissa Truskowski

Marissa Truskowski

2020 - Present, LMC
Communications Intern
Sorabh Gupta

Sorabh Gupta

2018 - Present, CM
Contributor & Lab Tech
Everlin Wang

Everlin Wang

2018 - Present, LMC
Lead Designer


pre-CoLab special mention/thanks

colab thanks its lmc supporters

Carol Colatrella, Kenya Devalia, Nihad Farooq, Narin Hassan, Ken Knoespel, Mark Leibert, JC Reilly, John Thornton, Richard Utz (chair), Lisa Yaszek


Special thanks to our originating Dean in the Ivan Allen College: Jacqueline Royster